Monday, 31 March 2014

100 Years of Brownies


I think a while back I mentioned that I am part of Girlguiding UK and am a qualified Brownie Leader.


This year Brownies is 100 years old and to celebrate there are lots of events planned. This weekend I took part in East Kent Guiding's big Brownie Birthday Star Quest - it was super fun! The girls (aged 7-11) got to go into the past, present and future at the Winter Gardens, Margate and do lots of fun activities.

This is me helping out with a science activity where the girls had to work out what the mystery white powder was from doing some tests - we think it was baking soda! That was in the future.

This us me with my original Brownie uniform - well the same as I wore anyway! In the past the girls could try on old uniforms. This, being a costume person, was my favourite part!




I made my mum hold up the best ones :-)


In the present the girls got to have a go at temporary tattoos, hair chalks and see some reptiles, including holding a snake. I think everyone had a good time and I was really glad I got to be a part of the Big a Brownie Birthday in 2014!


Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Let's Get Back To Business!

Hello my dears!  Yes, yes, I know it has been a long time.

2013 into the beginning of 2014 was a super busy time for me with my work which put a bit of a dampener on my crafting time.  I had some great experiences but some great challenges as well.....

.... As you might notice above the blog has had a name change.... I can no longer call myself a crafter at sea because I am no longer at sea!  That's right, my land legs have called me home and I am now a land-locked sailor.  I am currently looking to get into the theatre scene here in England.  It's all a bit scary but what I needed to do in life.  It has given me time to craft and catch up the blog though!

I have a few projects on the go right now and I have a few things to catch you guys up on that I worked on but didn't get chance to blog about.  Keep your eyes open in the next few weeks for posts on the following projects:

I finished adding the second layer to my beer cap belt.

My friend had a baby and I made her an embroidered gift.

My friends got married and I made them an embroidered wedding album.

I played around with eco-dying some fabric from natural elements I found on a walk.

I made a necklace organiser for my travels.  It is now going to be very useful at home as well!

I have an embroidery based on a song by The Band Perry... this is still a work in progress....

And finally, I worked on Legally Blonde: The Musical.  It was a very interesting challenge but I made it work!

I am also working on some online courses which I would love to share with you so there is a lot to come!!