Saturday, 9 July 2016

How to make it stick

So, over the years I have used a lot of glue, on a lot of things with varying degrees of success.  I swear by E6000!  But it doesn't work for everything.

For all you sticky fixers, I came across this handy chart and thought I'd share with you too:

The chart is by James Burke and the original article can be found at Make: here

Keep on sticking, crafty friends!

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

The Green Carpet Challenge

Keeping with our recycling theme, I was also very impressed with this dress design by Calvin Klein for Emma Watson.

Worn to the MET Gala, Clavin Klein took part in the Green Carpet Challenge to create a dress that was sustainable.  The dress worn by Watson was made from fabric woven with yarn made of plastic bottles.  The zip used recycled materials and the bodice was lined with organic cotton.

Clavin Klein created two other dresses for Lupita Nyong'o and Margot Robbie that also embraced the principles of the Green Carpet Challenge.

You can find out more about the Green Carpet Challenge and Emma Watson's dress here at

Sunday, 3 July 2016

From Trash to Trainers

I shared this article with my Textile students, so I thought I would share it here to:

Adidas Make Sneakers from Ocean Trash

Adidas are working with an organisation called Parley for the Oceans to create a recycled sneaker made from discarded plastic and illegal fishing nets.  In this way, not only are Adidas making good use of recycled materials and helping to keep the oceans clean, they are also finding a use for nets that are confiscated from poachers:

"The Sea Shepherds, a sea-bound environmental activism organization, captured roughly 72km of illegal gillnets after tracking illegal poachers wanted by Interpol off the coast of West Africa for 110 days."

Here's a description of how Adidas will use recycled materials in the project:

The shoes’ uppers will be created with recycled plastics and actual green net fibers, while the base will use other sustainable materials. Adidas has been accused by Greenpeace of environmental pollution in the past, so this will hopefully represent one of many steps in the right direction. The shoes may or may not be produced, but they vow to start using recycled fibers by early 2016.

Check out the whole article at Bored Panda using the link above!

Monday, 30 March 2015

Sister Suffragette!

I got another square finished! I have had this one planned for a while but only just got around to stitching it. This is my tribute to the women who put themselves on the line to allow me to vote - I thank you!

Hand embroidery and fused appliqué on cotton.

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Finally getting some stitching done!

Hello! It has been too long!!

Well, with my new job/ career blooming I am finding less and less time to make things for myself... I decided a stop needed to be put to that! I also have a bunch of projects in progress. So, as I am planning on moving into my own place over the summer I need some artiness to make it my own. Add all of this together and I have decided I need to finish my Feminist Statement quilt. I'm going to make it a wall hanging and I began by finishing my Frida Kahlo square. What do you think?
Hand embroidery on cotton. Frida Kahol painting on printable cotton.
It needs a good iron mind!!

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Plush Addicts Open Day!

Check out the swag I grabbed today at the Plush Addicts Open Day! is a great fabric website I stumbled upon a few weeks ago when I was looking for a certain quilting fabric for a project. They are based in Edenbridge, about an hour from me in Kent. Although they are based online they have open days about every 6 weeks where you can come to the site and shop in person.
My mum and I decided to go have a nose and this is what I came home with. I love my new foxy box for my sewing gear for work. I have no idea what I am going to make with the fabrics yet but when inspiration hits you guys will be the first to know!
We also bought a pair of KAM snap pliars and some colourful snaps to try out - I'm pretty excited about that. Keep an eye out for a project using those soon and check out the Plush Addicts website for great stuff.
If you are in the area this is the calendar of open days too.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Having a cross stitch: Big Brownie Birthday Edition!

As I have mentioned I am a member of Girlguiding UK and this year marks 100 years of Brownies. This event has spawned a lot of projects and keepsake items and one that caught my eye was cross stitch patterns. There was a set of patterns for a Brownie, a Rainbow, a Guide and a Guider published in Cross Stitch magazine designed by Lucie Heaton. They were great but they didn't really represent my uniforms... So I adapted them!

Cross stitch isn't my usual medium of choice but I have done it in the past. I thought I'd give it a go for this project and attach the results to my new camp blanket. So far I have started my Guider and I will keep you posted on my progress :-)