Sunday, 3 July 2016

From Trash to Trainers

I shared this article with my Textile students, so I thought I would share it here to:

Adidas Make Sneakers from Ocean Trash

Adidas are working with an organisation called Parley for the Oceans to create a recycled sneaker made from discarded plastic and illegal fishing nets.  In this way, not only are Adidas making good use of recycled materials and helping to keep the oceans clean, they are also finding a use for nets that are confiscated from poachers:

"The Sea Shepherds, a sea-bound environmental activism organization, captured roughly 72km of illegal gillnets after tracking illegal poachers wanted by Interpol off the coast of West Africa for 110 days."

Here's a description of how Adidas will use recycled materials in the project:

The shoes’ uppers will be created with recycled plastics and actual green net fibers, while the base will use other sustainable materials. Adidas has been accused by Greenpeace of environmental pollution in the past, so this will hopefully represent one of many steps in the right direction. The shoes may or may not be produced, but they vow to start using recycled fibers by early 2016.

Check out the whole article at Bored Panda using the link above!

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