Thursday, 17 April 2014

Making Up Is Hard To Do....

When I was training as a wardrobe supervisor we only looked at costume. As my career has progressed I have noticed that I needed a little hair and makeup knowledge as well. I was able to pick up wigs on the go but not as yet makeup.... Until now!


I took two makeup master classes at The Backstage Center in Essex this week. One was an Introduction to Stage Makeup and the other was Intermediate Theatrical Makeup.


I learned so much over these two days! I added to my own personal makeup skills and now have experience with design, ageing makeup, historial makeup and bruise and wounds.

I don`t think I will ever be just a makeup artist but I ave added to my skill set and I think I have added a fun new hobby! What do you think of my results?




Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Stitch or Die

The Phat Quarter embroidery swap from Mr X Stitch moved for its latest instalment to the new stitching community Weave.


This time the theme was Beastiary - a book or tome that details mythical creatures. I instantly thought of a unicorn but I didn't want to do a pansy girly one - I wanted a shire horse inspired one!


I did this sketch on my iPad and really like the airbrushed quality so thought I'd have a go at that as well.

I played with airbrushing and couching on a tea stained background then outlined the image with a shield shape as unicorns are used in heraldry. I also added a Latin phrase to finish it off that translates to stitch or die!

My swap partner like it a lot and I like the new techniques I played with - maybe some more airbrushing in the future!