Friday, 28 October 2011

Gimmie! Gimmie! Gimmie! Some Sweden!!

.... did you see what I did there?! I used a Abba song while talking about Sweden..... no? Just me then? ok.....

Anyway! I only got to go to Sweden once while we were there, but we made our way to Stockholm and saw, as always, awesomeness on the streets there. Take a gander!

Sweden 1
Fun shaped buildings in interesting colours

Sweden 2
I love the spikey-ness of this statue

sweden 3
And here it is on fabric... stitching idea maybe?

sweden 4
Swedish fountain gargoyle!

sweden 5
I loved this embroidery store window display, unfortunately it was Sunday so it was closed :-(

sweden 6
Interesting shutters

sweden 7
I loved the tapestry in the back of this store that was based on carnivorous plants

sweden 8
Just really interesting window displays in Sweden!

Love it!

Monday, 17 October 2011

Phat Quarter Swap! Food

Nacho 1

Ok, let's share some stitchery! I made this piece for the August Phat Quarter swap.... I know it's a bit late but I've been busy :-) Finally, I have a decent internet connection where I can upload the photos - yay!! The theme was food so stitched a design based around one of my fave David and Goliath t-shirts...

nacho 3
The cheese is not the mother of the sad little nachos.... in case you didn't get it!

Nacho 2
yes, that is a french knot pepper border!

nacho 4
I felt brave and used an orange background.

Personally I think this is super cute!! And I know Disobedient Child, who was my swap partner loved it!! Yay stitching! My Sketchbook Project is taking a long time to finish, hence why there is a lack of stitchery on the blog right now. But soon, my pretties - I promise!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Medieval Tallinn

Visting Tallinn, Estonia made me want to sew. The medieval town had such gorgeous colour combinations and styles that I just want to depict it in stitch. Estonia has a love of wool, so while there I bought some hand dyed wool which will undoubtedly make its way into my pieces. Here are some of my favourite sights...

Tallin 9

Tallin 3
Winding streets passed castles and inns

Tallin 4
A page showing the way

Tallin 5
The handmade guild - I saw some gorgeous stuff in here

Tallin 6
Random graffiti

Tallin 7
A shadowy figure creeping down the street

Tallin 8
Such gorgeous colours!!

Only a few more places to report on in my Europe round-up, then we'll get back to some sewing - promise!!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Ra Ra Rasputin!

Wow - that was a long break! Sorry about that! I had the cast change over from hell on my boat and just when we thought we were done a new show was introduced so I have to fit and alter 25 costumes in 24 hours.... got it done in 17 because I'm a rock star though! Anyway, here's the post about Russia I promised so long ago and hopefully posts will be more regular from now on *blush*

I think I've taken the most photos in St. Petersburg. There are so many beautiful buildings to see. The whole place is full of palaces, more than you can see in just one trip. When I was at school I remember doing a history project about Rasputin and his strange involvement with the last Tsar family and his even stranger death. I was lucky enough to go to an exhibit about this event and learn more whilst in Russia. If you don't know the story of Rasputin, look it up - it's a really weird tale!

Russia 1
The Winter Palace, now the Hermitage Museum

Russia 5
The Summer Palace

Russia 4
St. Isaac's Cathedral - that's real gold up there!

Russia 2
Random painting hanging in the street that's been... um.... added to...

Russia 8
Outside the Church of the Spilled Blood

Russia 9
Inside, the Church is decorated entirely with glass mosaics

Russia 10
Inside one of the coppolas

I feel some art coming on.... :-)