Thursday, 13 October 2011

Medieval Tallinn

Visting Tallinn, Estonia made me want to sew. The medieval town had such gorgeous colour combinations and styles that I just want to depict it in stitch. Estonia has a love of wool, so while there I bought some hand dyed wool which will undoubtedly make its way into my pieces. Here are some of my favourite sights...

Tallin 9

Tallin 3
Winding streets passed castles and inns

Tallin 4
A page showing the way

Tallin 5
The handmade guild - I saw some gorgeous stuff in here

Tallin 6
Random graffiti

Tallin 7
A shadowy figure creeping down the street

Tallin 8
Such gorgeous colours!!

Only a few more places to report on in my Europe round-up, then we'll get back to some sewing - promise!!

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