Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Delights of Copenhagen

Let's begin my travel posts from my time in Europe - starting with Copenhagen, Denmark. Copenhagen is our home port, which means this is where we pick up new passengers at the beginning of the cruise and crop them off at when it ends. Here are some of my favourite sights...

Copenhagen 1

Copenhagen 4

Copenhagen 5
I want to take this guy home with me!

Copenhagen 9
Whenever I go into Copenhagen with my Production Manager we are on a mission to find flowers - like these, gorgeous!

Copenhagen 10
I found this sign outside a shop - I think it needs stitching up sometime soon

Copenhagen 15

Copenhagen 3
The one thing I wanted to see in Copenhagen was the statue of the Little Mermaid - here she is!

Copenhagen has some beautiful old buildings and cobbled streets, but it also has a gorgeous arty feel. I saw two outdoor art exhibitions here in one day - posts about those to come!

Next post we will visit Germany!

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