Friday, 10 August 2012

Art: From Enchantment To Down

One More Trophy - Pocahontas

I stumbled across a blog post on BUST magazine's website the other day from a few months ago but wanted to write about it here. Check out the
original post here.

Just a Trap - Alice

My Sweet Prince - Snow White

Thomas Czarnekis is a photography artist and in his latest series he takes Disney princesses and places them in doomed situations. The writer of the original blog post I read about this seemed quite offended by these images but they made me think.

Happy End - The Little Red Riding Hood

On The Other Shore - The Little Mermaid

I have never see the Disney Princesses as images of frail women who needed men to function. To me they are women going after what they want, some to me seem stronger than others but I have never seen them as contrary to my strong feminine beliefs. Apparently some people do and the art of Czarnekis has strengthened this concept, even making people look at the art as if it condones violence towards women because they are fragile.

Too Fast - Cinderella

Not So Romantic - Beauty and the Beast

I don't see it this way. To me it seems that it is shattering an image of perfection that women cannot live up to. Perhaps even a perfection that our modern world makes it difficult to manifest. These images may even represent the destruction of the frail feminine in our modern world because our modern ideals break it down. Also, a very good point was made in a comment on the original BUST blog post - these stories were not written by Disney. Fairy Tales were stories of violence, danger and abuse used as warnings. Perhaps these images harp back to those origins as well.

Naughty Girl - Sleeping Beauty

One Last Wish - Jasmine

I like these images - I do not think they promote violence towards women or make women seem frail. Instead they make you think, which is really what art is supposed to be about.

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Czarneckis' website go here.
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