Friday, 13 November 2009


For the Summer and Winter seasons, cruise ships change the areas that they visit. This is known as repositioning and is often a long cruise of between 12-21 days visiting ports that you may never get to see again. Crew call this time ‘repo’ for short. We are currently on repo from New York to Miami to start our winter Caribbean run. On the way I realised what my niche is for ‘Lost & Found’

I have been collecting shells, pebbles, coral and beads from all the ports we have visited. This is my niche. I will make jewellery and clothing out of the things I pick up while I travel!

I currently have bags of shells, coral and such from Samana, St. Kitts, Aruba and Roatan. During our Caribbean run we will be going to Roatan, Belize and Costa Maya… I think I should be able to pick up some interesting things there. Keep and eye out for my creations!

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