Monday, 1 November 2010

A Truly Outrageous Samhain!

jem 3
Truly Outrageous!

Finally! Here are my halloween photos!

I made the Halloween costume I wore this year for last Halloween. Check out this post from last year to see what I ended up wearing and the story behind it.

jem 2
Next year I might have to make a Jerrica costume...

It ended up being a good thing that I pushed back wearing this year's costume as I was able to get the PERFECT wig! It is from the California Costume Co. and it is called the Truly Outrageous wig... for Jem from Jem & The Holograms! I am all about the 80s costumes right now :-)

jem 5_1
As Jem at the crew Halloween party

I made the dress and belt myself. The shoes are from Payless and were only $14. It took me a while to find just the right tights, but finally I found white glitter ones.

Jem 1
Jem make-up test

I searched online for a Jem make-up tutorial and found a great one that used tape to get the right shape. I then used a bright pink blusher from Make-up Forever to create the geometric shapes she has. I added blue eyeliner and eyelashes. I had big pink ones but they were too much so I kept my usual diamante corner lashes instead.

jem 4_1
Jem Star earrings

The final touch was my Jem Star earrings. I made them myself from old Christmas badges with red flashing lights, red foam and glitter. I had them flashing for most of the night and they still work!

jem 6
Jem and Lady Gaga having a rock star moment

this costume! The wig really sets it off and I think I will be using it for years to come!

jem 7_1
Jem likes a good beer after a hard day rocking out

jem 9
With my Nickelodeon cast

jem 10
Jem hanging out with the drag queens!

We have two Halloween parties when working on cruise ships - a crew party and a passenger party. I wore the Jem costume for the crew party and then went as a vampire for the passenger party. I was a judge for the costume contest for both parties - who is more qualified to judge a costume contest than the wardrobe supervisor?! All in all Halloween was pretty awesome this year - in fact it was Truly Outrageous!!

jem 11_1
My vampire costume for the passenger party

jem 12_1
Lady Gaga falls prey to my vampire!

Happy Samhain everyone!

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