Saturday, 15 January 2011

Sketchbook Project: Finished!

Sketchbook WIP

I finally finished and posted off my sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project 2011! I am going to share the pages with you here over the next few weeks. You can find my
Art House Co-Op profile page here and you can see more photos of my sketchbook on my Flickr page here


Cover front

The cover of my sketchbook was inspired by blankets I found in my research. In particular, Mexican blankets with their striped patterns caught my eye. I am taking part in some online workshops called The Smashees, and the first lesson was to make a folio cover. I took this idea and used it for my cover. The background fabric was painted with watered down acrylic paint in colours from my chosen scheme (red, black, white, gold and silver) and then printed over with a rubber stamp. I then added stripes in interesting fabrics in matching colours and layered them under silver net. I free form machine stitched these down in silver and gold thread trying to evoke the idea of anchor stitches. I added a ribbon closure which I decorated with silver machine embroidery.

Cover back

Inside Cover

Inside Cover front

I was originally going to attach each sewn page to the paper pages of the sketchbook, but when it came to the final construction I decided this wouldn’t work. I removed the paper pages and sewed all of my sewn pages back to back. I then attached a front and back inside cover piece which I glued to the cardboard cover of the sketchbook. I found the middle page of all my sewn pages and attached this to the middle of the card cover.

Inside Cover back

Page 1 - Title Page

Page 1_1

The first page in my sketchbook is the title page displaying my theme – Jackets, Blankets and Sheets. I took this as an opportunity to experiment with free form machine embroidery and embroidered the words on to cotton in black thread. I enjoyed the process – although it took a long time It was quite satisfying in the end. I think on the whole I prefer hand embroidery, but I can see where machine embroidery will have a place in my work.

Page 1_detail_1

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