Friday, 21 January 2011

Sketchbook Project: Ideas, Words and Stitches

page 3 top

Here are some more pages from my Sketchbook Project...

Page 2 - Spider Diagram

Page 2

When I got my theme I made a spider diagram to record my thoughts. I often do this when starting work, especially when it has a specific theme or title. I decided to add this to my sketchbook and display it in keeping with the other sewn pages. I chose a patterned background (which I then later used for the inside covers also) and sewed the words on computer paper to the background. I then used red embroidery floss to join them to the diagram. I used the full 6 strands of floss to really make it stand out and show the ties these words have for me to my subject.

I then chose my favourite words from this thought bubble to create my pages.

Page 3 - Warmth

page 3

When I think of jackets and blankets I think of warmth. Jackets keep you warm outside and blankets are added to your bed to keep the chill out. When I thin of warmth I see red as its colour, and fleece is a very warm fabric. I had a scrap of fleece from an old dressing gown, which I repurposed for this page. I followed the lines of the original pattern and added red stripes to symbolise the warmth within. I stitched the word ‘warmth’ in chunky text to represent being bundled up in jackets and blankets. I finished the piece with a blanket stitched edge to elude to the blankets that can create the warmth.

Page 4 - Bed Sheets

Page 4

Bed sheets can seem plain. That is until you think about what happens in them. Several words came to mind when thinking of sheets. The prevailing colour that always came to mind for me though, was white. I took several words that I thought of in the context of sheets – sleep, sex, sweat, love – and embroidered them onto a sheet in white. They become part of the sheet as we ourselves do. They are repeated throughout the piece as these are not actions that only happen once, but repeatedly.

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