Tuesday, 8 November 2011

No Food For You!

cocoaeyes 1

It's here! It's here! My swap piece from Cocoaeyes is finally here!! I got Cocoaeyes as my swap partner for the Phat Quarter Food Swap and my piece from her arrived this weekend. It was a total surprise - I thought it was a box of t-shirts and then I dipped my hand in to find a lovely stitchery!!!

Cocoaeyes is obsessed with hazard signs so stitched me one up as you can see above. Girl, you would be so inspired by my ship - there are warning signs and mandatory signs and hazard signs EVERYWHERE!! Here's a shot of it on my cabin wall next to our no smoking in bed hazard sign, just for fun!!

cocoaeyes 2

She also sent me a lovely card full of compliments which was very much appreciated - you rock Olisa!!

Check out Cocoaeyes' blog here at
Stitch, Stab & Scrawl, I highly recommend it :-)


  1. I'm SO happy that you like it!! And yes, you're right that I would be overstimulated by all of the hazard signs on your ship. Makes me a little giddy just thinking about them all. YOU are so fabulously talented and I love your sense of adventure and exploration about the world (and in your life) that comes out in your artwork. Keep being awesome!!