Thursday, 1 December 2011

This one is for the ladies....

tribute 1

Over the summer I purchased a needle felting attachment for my beloved Bernina. I also found out about the
Capture Cure charity auction which was accepting donated works of art to auction off in aid of breast cancer. My mother and best friend from high school are both recovering from breast cancer so this was a cause near to my heart.

tribute 2

I created a needle felted and embellished wall hanging that is a tribute to the strength of women. It uses skills taught to me by the women in my family and the new techniques I have learned after being inspired by them. Only 40 pieces were accepted into the auction, mine being one of them. I am fiercely proud of this and hope it went to a good home.

tribute 3

I am also about to start a little cross stitch I downloaded, designed by Emily Peacock. It is a pink breast cancer ribbon which I am going to make for myself and my mother. I haven't followed a cross stitch pattern in a while so it will be interesting to try that out again! I encourage you to go and get the pattern yourself and donate to breast cancer research in the process.
Check out the Mr X Stitch post about it here

emily peacock cross stitch

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  1. Hi there, you're needle felting is beautiful.I can imagine how proud you were when it was accepted into the auction.Well done! Blessings.Maisie.x.