Thursday, 15 March 2012


Home 1

It's finished! Here is how my piece on rust dyed cotton came out!

Home 2

This piece is based on a map of Kent, my home county. I was on my way home from a ship contract and was watching the movie Country Strong on the plane. One song, Coming Home, really resonated with me and I wanted to use one line from the song in a piece. Here it is...

Home 3

This piece just reminds me where my home is while I travel wide and far. Kent will always be where I come back to eventually. I used stranded embroidery thread for the main outlines and then used perle cotton for the text and marker as I wanted it to stand out more and look like someone had written on the piece with a marker.

Home 4

This is exactly how the piece looked in my head, I'm pretty happy with it! What do you think?


  1. I've often looked at your blog and never before noticed that you are from Maidstone- I used to live in Canterbury! This map is lovely the way you have treated the fabric makes it look like an antique treasure map

  2. Thank you very much swephie! It's good to see other Kent stitchers around :-)