Friday, 30 March 2012

In a War....

In A War 3

A while back I saw
this post on Mr X Stitch about Hanne Bang and her attempt to curate a collaborative piece around a quote she had heard. While slicking through the channels one night she caught sight of a news program where they were talking to an out of work African soldier who said when asked about death "In a war someone has to die". The quote resonated with Bang and she decided to get women all around the world to stitch the phrase one handkerchiefs and send them to her to create one huge piece.

I love the feelings and issues behind this idea. The combination on women stitching with hankies can mean so many things. Women loose their men to war, be it sons, brothers, husbands or lovers. Hankies are traditionally used to wave goodbye. I really like the juxtaposition between the harshness of the words and the softness of the materials used to convey it.

In A War 2

So here is my contribution to the piece. The hankie I used is from when I was a child so there is also a little bit of history with it.

In A War 1

I can't wait to see the whole thing which will be on display in Denmark later in the year.

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