Monday, 21 May 2012

Dirty Doily WARNING!!!!

I have a friend who uses some colourful language on a regular basis. Now, I have a mouth like a sailor, but Steph gives me a run for my money. Steph is moving into a new house so I wanted to make her a little house warming gift. I decided to combine one of her favourite words with a vintage doily....

BE WARNED!! Strong language is used in this piece, don't go passed the shocked housewife if you will be offended :-)


I had been wanting to embroider something on a vintage doily for a while and this seemed like the perfect project for one. It will fit in with all the bits and pieces that Steph has collected on her travels...

Dirty Doily 1

A word that Steph uses a lot is 'cuntress'. The word will forever remind me of her - in a good way :-)

Dirty Doily 2

I used a simple split stitch in four strands of red embroidery floss to make the word really stand out. I got the lovely doily from Jo Ashcroft - thank you very much! I will be making her something, not quite so profane though, as a thank you gift!

Dirty Doily 3


  1. I love seeing my old doily put to such great use! Nice job! And I get something from you too-Win win!!!!!