Sunday, 21 February 2010

J'adore Embroidery

As I mentioned before it is National Embroidery Month, so I am taking the opportunity to shame some of the stitchy projects I have been working on lately. I also thought I’d show you some work in progress as I may be MIA for the next couple of weeks. We have cast change over on the ship so I am going to be super busy fitting costumes and running shows… so until I can get blogging again check out these beauties!

I was looking at Jenny Hart’s Flickr account the other day and found this great French knots sampler. I had never been able to do a French knot until I read Jenny’s instructions for one so thought this would be a great chance to show off my skills! You can see the results above…

I have also been working on my Rock Belt. My friend left me an old pair of jeans when he left the ship, which I decided to turn into a belt. I cut off the waist band and embroidered images on to it in bright colours. I frayed the edges and added some chains to give it a worn in edgy look. I need to get come better photos of it and maybe get a friend to model it for me. Let me know what you think!

Finally, my work in progress. I am embroidering a t-shirt with a peacock pattern that I was inspired to create by paintings on my ship. We have a peacock on the curtain in our theatre and there are a few dotted around the ship too. I haven’t got too far yet, I’ll show you more once I get some time to myself…

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