Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Beer Adventures...

Beer Cap Belt 5_finished 2_small

Until about two years ago I didn't drink beer. I didn't like the stuff, you couldn't make me! Then, as with many things in life, I met a guy and that changed! He refused to buy me fruity drinks in the crew bar of our ship and introduced me to San Adams... and my love affair with beer began!

On my travels I have had the chance to try a lit of good and not so good beers. The New England/Canada run is the best for this, having been dubbed the Beer Adventure Run by my friends and I. To commemorate my achievements in beer drinking I wanted to make something that showed off all the beers I had tried.... and so the Beer Cap Belt was born!

I've been collecting beer caps since last October and I think I still need some more. This is going to be a continual work in progress as I find more beers that I like and want to show off the caps!

Beer Cap Belt 1_Materials_small

I started by laying out the caps in the order that I wanted to sew them. I cut out a strip of black denim, rescued from a pair of jeans I had used for another project.

Once I had an order I liked I used pliers to fold out the edges of the caps so I had something to Shisha around to attach them to the belt... yes, I shisha stitched every one!

Beer Cap Belt 2_layout 1_small

Shisha stitching however pulled the fabric in more than I had planned so I may have to add another section... but that just means I have room for more caps!

Beer Cap Belt 8_finished 5_small

The fastening is a button and a piece of chain currently, but I'm on the look out for something different... I just haven't found what I like yet...

Beer Cap Belt 9_finished 6_small

And so, here it is! My beer cap belt! I love it!!!

Beer Cap Belt 4_finished 1_small

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