Monday, 30 August 2010

Super Busy.... here's some embroidery!

Peacock Shirt 1

So I've been super busy at work changing over casts and revamping shows.... I'll tell you more about that soon. But for now, here's some embroidery for you...

Peacock Shirt 3

My Peacock shirt was inspired by the decorations around my current ship. The stage curtain in the theatre has a huge peacock appliquéd on to it and there are many paintings of peacocks dotted around the ship. There is one outside on the promenade deck that has it’s feathers shaped like hearts, which I really liked and decided to incorporate into my own design.

Peacock Shirt 2

The blue shirt that I hand embroidered on to was given to me by one of my dancers, so I have given it a new lease of life with my design. I hand drew the design first, then marked the outline on the shirt using dressmakers carbon paper. I chose my colour scheme based on the colours you see on peacocks and that I thought brought out the blue of the shirt. Once I had finished the embroidery I added a few sequins to bring a little sparkle to the piece.

Peacock Shirt 4

I think this is a simple but elegant piece that could be worn during the day with jeans, or dressed up with some accessories.

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