Thursday, 14 October 2010

For the Honor of Grayskull!!!

She-Ra 1_1

On Saturday we (ie my cast and I) were told we were hosting a party on Wednesday.... A little short notice but we worked it out :-) We decided to host a Super Hero party.... and so came my excuse to make a She-Ra costume! I have been waiting for this day! I knocked this sucker up in about three days and I'm pretty proud of it. I made everything - top, skirt, head piece, gauntlets, necklace, cape and even boots!

she-ra 2_1
Craft Night!

My friends and I had a little craft night in wardrobe to get out costumes together, at which point I put together the top and started work on the boots.

she-ra 3_1

The boots took me about three hours to make, which is pretty good going I think! I used gold Lycra and a pair of old tan character shows as the base.

she-ra boots 4_1
I my boots!

I love hot glue! That's pretty much all that's holding these puppies together. I did reference a tutorial I found online, so if you want to make some check out this tutorial.

She-Ra 5_1
I am She-Ra!

I love my costume, I just need to find the photo of me as She-Ra when I was 5 now to go with it!!

The Craft Night Posse in their costumes

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