Saturday, 9 October 2010

Introducing Halifax!

felting 6_1

A while ago I tried out wet felting and made myself a necklace (I'll post it next post) and found it a lot of fun. I had heard about needle felting and seen the results, but it seemed complicated.... well it isn't! After listening to the Stitching 'N' Junk podcast interview with Moxie about needle felting I really wanted to give it ago.

beer_The Loop_1
The Loop, Halifax, Nova Scotia

While I was in Halifax, Nova Scotia, I found a craft store called The Loop. I didn't catch the name of the lady that runs the store, but she was super nice and really helpful, so the next time you're in Halifax go check out The Loop. I found a needle felting kit from
Woolpets there. I was daring and went straight for an intermediate, instead of an easy, and this is the result - Halifax the Fox!

felting 1
Woolpets kit in a cute takeout box

felting 2_1
Needle felting supplies

Needle felting is really fun to do, so long as you don't stab yourself. It's really nice to see and feel what you are making coming together in your hands just from a few stabs of a needle. I want to try some more, I found some roving in Charlottetown in different colours. I think I'm going to try out some abstract stuff next. I'll keep you posted ;-)

felting 3_1

felting 4

felting 5
Ain't he cute??

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