Thursday, 7 November 2013

Art: Fallen Princesses

A while ago I wrote about Thomas Czarnekis's collection From Enchantment Down. Today I found another photo collection on similar lines.

Dina Goldstein has created the photo series Fallen Princesses that looks at what happens after Happily Ever After. What did happen to our heroines after we closed the book?

Goldstein used real life situations that were afflicting the people around her - health issues, family issues, people struggling at life - and applied them to the endings of well known fairy tales.

Here Snow White copes with family life. Belle struggles to keep her beauty. Jasmine fights for her country and Rapunsel suffers from illness. These are just a few of her images - the ones I found most poinient personally. If our princesses were real people how would they cope in the real world? It makes me think about reality, mortality and longevity. Stunning! Check out the rest of Dina's work at



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