Thursday, 9 June 2011

Phat Quarter Swap: Books

red riding hood 1

April had a fifth Friday, so you know what that means... a Phat Quarter swap! This time the theme was books. I had several ideas, some of which I might still do, but I decided to let my partner choose what I created. Mafiosagrrl chose Fairy Tales and so Into The Woods was born!

I decided to look at Little Red Riding hood. I had some fabric that reminded me of bark so after investigating illustrations from the book I decided to do a scene in the woods. I wanted the piece to be from the wolf's perspective but also wanted him to be in the frame.

red riding hood 3

I appliqued the fabric onto a white background, making Red and the wolf surrounded by ominous dark shapes. I used simple shapes for the trees and Red to give the piece a contemporary feel.

red riding hood 2

Red was filled in with satin stitch to make her a solid entity. I added in the wolf's snout with back stitch and coloured pencil at the bottom of the frame.

red riding hood 4

You can see more pieces from this swap on Flickr in the
Phat Quarter here

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