Sunday, 21 March 2010

Sea Gypsy Necklace

This piece I’m keeping for myself! I found the central shell slither on a beach in St. Kitts and knew it had to be made into a necklace. I felt like the Goddess had placed it on the beach just for me ;-)

I gathered together pale hemp thread and wooden beads to begin with, but then I had the thought to use glass beads as well. I wanted to use several strands of hemp to make a thick cord, but it also meant that I could string the smaller glass beads I found in New York onto a single strand. They then fell between the hemp cord, partially hidden, which I really liked.

I wire-wrapped the shell with white coated wire, making quite a chunky top which I liked with the size of the shell piece. I decided to call this piece the Sea Gypsy Necklace as I feel I am a bit of a sea gypsy. I travel around on different oceans seeing different places but never settling. This piece reminds me of the pull of the ocean, the curl of the waves and that for now, the sea is my home.

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