Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Sharing the Handmade Love!

Geisha Cushion Cover by Sara Mahoney

In this post I wanted to share some of the Handmade Love! When I get home from my current contract (10 weeks to go!) I want to start having a regular blog post dedicated to showcasing handmade items that I really like. Let’s call this my first one, inspired by my good friend Sara Mahoney.

I hand embroidered a dress for my friend Sara (see my blog post Sugar Skulls Dress here) when she was on the ship with me back in November. In return I just received my birthday present from her…. A hand embroidered cushion case with a Geisha on it! Now the Geisha is poignant to us as we worked on a show together called Garden of the Geisha, but Sara also knows I love Ed Hardy stuff, and his Geisha design is one of my faves. Isn’t she gorgeous! I have it hanging on the wall of my cabin right now, but when I get home I am going to get a cushion for it, I can’t wait!!

Company Of Wolves Necklace by Hoolala

On to my second plug. It’s Euro Week on Etsy this week as they open their European Office in Germany. Even though my items are currently being shipped from the US, I am actually a European Etsy seller, being from England when I am not on ships. I decided to have a look around Etsy for fellow British sellers and stumbled across Hoolala. In particular I found her Company of Wolves necklace. This is going to be my birthday present to myself (my birthday is on April 10th – remember the date!) as it has my favourite quote from said movie incorporated into the necklace – Sweetest tongue hides sharpest tooth. I am in love! Hoolala has many other amazing creations in her Etsy shop so check out this fellow British artist!!

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