Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Share the Handmade Love Wednesdays - Mermaids

With my grandmother gone, my family and I are clearing out her house. I’ve found a lot of my own stuff there, and lots of bits and pieces that my grandmother kept, that she really didn’t need.

Each member of my family has picked out pieces that they want to keep for sentimental reasons and the rest we are selling, giving to charity or throwing away…. But some of the stuff that could be thrown away I have rescued to create with. Once we have finished I plan to sit down and make a necklace in tribute to my grandmother. I had this idea pop into my head soon after I arrived home and I have been finding the perfect materials to make it with all over my Nan’s house…. It’s almost as if she is finding them for me and leaving them in my path!

The necklace is going to have a mermaid come seaweed theme, so in preparation and for inspiration, I had a wander around Etsy to see who else had used this theme. Here are three of my favourites:

Sargasso Sea Choker by Skywatcher1121

This choker combines trinkets and fabric, and idea I have been toying with for my own designs.

The Mermaid Queen in Purple Charm Bracelet by Poetsummer

Yet more trinkets, I like the idea of lots of little bits on the necklace, just like Ariel’s collection.

Nautical Statement Necklace by Bionicunicorn

This piece uses several strands of varying length and construction to make up the necklace. Another idea I am toying with myself.

So keep your eyes peeled for my own creation, appearing here soon and go check out the stores of these creative peeps!

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