Saturday, 8 May 2010

For Liberty!

liberty 1

I’m back on my ship! I thought I’d managed to miss the madness of the volcanic ash cloud from Iceland by staying home for an extra two weeks…. But my flight to the US was still an hour late leaving because air traffic had been moved south into our flight path to avoid the new cloud! Ah well, I got here in the end. My ship is currently out of New York and in tribute here is a New York inspired craft!

Last summer, the cruise ship I was working on was based out of New York. While I was there I designed an outfit that I felt represented the ship , including a necklace. I finally got to create that necklace recently and really like the way it came out. It is a choker made out of blue and turquoise glass beads inspired by the Statue of Liberty. I even got the beads from New York! Nestled in the centre is a crystal bead that catches the light, maybe the light of hope?! What do you think?

liberty 2

This is currently available in my Etsy shop here

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