Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Share the Handmade Love.... with friends

cupcake 1

Sharing the Handmade love is going to be a bit different this week.

I mentioned a while back that I had made a present for my friend Julie over at
The Life of a Cupcake and I showed you a little preview. Well, she finally received it.... it takes a while for stuff to get to Canada from England apparently! So now that she has it I can tell you all about it and.... give you my first free embroidery pattern! Hopefully I will make a few more in the future, so keep your eyes peeled.

I made Julie a pin cushion as she bought herself a sewing machine and I wanted to encourage her to sew more. Also, Julie LOVES cupcakes and everything to do with them. I drew out a sprinkled delight and embroidered it on to while felt. I then cut around the shape leaving a small seam allowance. Using the first piece as a template I cut out a second piece of white felt. I placed the right sides of the fabrics together (ie the embroidery on the inside) and stitched them together by hand leaving a small gap. I turned this through to the right side, then stuffed it with toy filling. I turned under the little bit of fabric left out around the gap and handstitched this shut. Voila! A cupcake pin cushion!

cupcake 2

Here is the pattern I used for my embroidery. I used split stitch for the outline of the cake case and the icing, back stitch for the cake case detail, seed stitch for the sprinkles and french knots to decorate around the top of the cake case. Feel free to use whatever you like best though! Click on the image and it will take you to a full size version you can download :-)

cupcake 3

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