Saturday, 19 March 2011

Be My Valentine...

Valentine 2_1

Ok, I know it's march and really this should be a St. Patrick's Day something, but I'm English so he's not my patron saint anyway and my Valentine piece wasn't finished for Valentines day because I was so busy... So here it is!

Valentine 1

This piece was inspired by a mural I saw in Nassau, Bahamas. I had a bad love experience there (that's a whole other blog post I can tell you... maybe even a series!) and the red colouring of the mural made me think of the intensity of my feelings. It also made me think of the technical drawings of Da Vinci. This got me thinking about anatomical diagrams and hearts.... and so my Valentine was born!

Valentine 3_1

The text is sewn in back stitch with blended thread (you can't see it very well in the photo unfortunately). I used three different colours of pink and red, mixing one strand of each together before sewing. I got this technique from Jenny Hart at
Sublime Stitching, so go check out her tutorials in her website.

Valentine 4_1

I used satin stitch and a very tiny brick stitch for the heart itself. The brick stitch took quite a long time but was very therapeutic!

Valentine 5

The background of this piece is ochre silk dupion with an overlaid white crayon tint. I ironed this off several times a reapplied it get a ghosted effect. I added torn pieces of red satin along the bottom edge to show the damage done to my heart.

This piece is very emotive for me and it was like therapy stitching it. I think it's good to get our emotions out through art sometimes, just for catharsis!

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