Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The Stitch & Craft Show - Stitchy Goodness!

stitch n craft 1_1

I just wanted to share a few photos of the Stitch & Craft show, specifically the Mr X Stitch Contemporary Embroidery Exhibition with my pieces in it!

stitch n craft 2

I am so honoured that Jamie chose three of my pieces to be in his exhibit to promote embroidery and show people that you don’t just have to sew pictures of houses and kittens – you can do anything!

stitch n craft 4

stitch n craft 5_1

stitch n craft 6_1

This is my second exhibition this year. It is very exciting for me to have my artwork on display for the world to see. I haven’t had pieces in exhibitions since college so I feel like I am a legitimate artist once again.

stitch n craft 3_1

Thanks Jamie! You rock!!! Everyone go over to
Mr X Stitch and tell Jamie that he is awesome, and Bridget too :-)

Also, some of these photos were blatantly stolen from
Jamie's Flickr so go check that out too here

stitch n craft 7

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