Saturday, 5 March 2011

Exhibition Report: The Sketchbook Project 2011!

SBT 8_sign

I managed to get to the opening of the Sketchbook Project 2011 opening at the Brooklyn Art Library the other week. I was very excited to see my sketchbook in amongst the thousands of others contributed by artists from all over the world!

SBT 9_library 4_1
The Brooklyn Art Library

SBT 7_library 3_1
Checking in with your library card

SBT 5_library 2_1
The check out desk where you select the sketchbooks you want to see

SBT 4_library 1_1
People enjoying our sketchbooks

I didn't find my sketchbook right away as I had apparently forgotten what the spine looked like (I thought it was orange but it was actually grey and red!) but after a thorough search I found it proudly in the Jackets, Blankets and Sheets section.

SBT 2_mine 1_1

SBT 3_mine 2_1
Right in the middle of the shelf!

I looked through a few other sketchbooks while I was there. I was particularly taken with Rachel Smith's and Jennifer McBrien's books. Rachel's was all sketches of people as she wants to be a fashion illustrator. I connected with Jennifer through her sketchbook, half way through she wrote about how she is in a creative job but is trying to make herself be more artistic and the sketchbook was a way of doing that. I used the Sketchbook Project for a similar reason and found her work very relatable and beautiful. I have found her on Etsy and am going to message her. Please check out her wares as they are as beautiful as her sketchbook
here: JennyJen42

SBT 6_sketchbook selection
Left: Jennifer McBrien's Sketchbook Right: Rachel Smith's Sketchbook

I am very proud to have my work in the Sketchbook Project 2011 and would love it if you, my readers could go see it. The tour takes it to the following venues:

March 12th: Austin Museum of Art, Austin TX (during the SXSW festival)
March 30th: April 2nd: SPACE Gallery, Portland ME
April 8th-9th: The Granite Room, Atlanta GA
April 11th - 30th: Transformer Gallery, Washington DC
June 10th-12: Form/Space Atelier, Seattle WA
June 18th: 111Minna Gallery, San Francisco CA
July 14th-17th: Hyde Park Arts Center, Chicago IL
July 29th - 31st: Full Sall University, Winter Park FL

Just ask for Joanne Donn's Sketchbook and they'll find it for you!

SBT 1_Sketchbooks

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