Saturday, 12 March 2011

Child of the 80's

80s 5_1

Originally I designed this piece for the STITCH Magazine Glimpse of Childhood competition, but I had to use Madeira threads in it. I couldn't find any Madeira threads in the stores that are open in New York on Sundays so couldn't enter, but stitched it up anyway.

80s 1

The theme
Glimpse Of Childhood made me think of toys I liked when I was a child, and characters I liked. I decided to combine the popular toy the Fashion Wheel with three of my favourite cartoon characters. My favourite characters also happen to be three strong women!

Jem from Jem and the Holograms

80s 3

I used different colours of fabric behind each section like the different texture sections on the Fashion Wheel. I used Jem for the top section as she has the most recognisable face.


80s 2_1

I used She-Ra's torso as she has the most interesting outfit. I actually stitched this section first. Originally I was going to just stitch the outline, but when I finished this section I realised it needed more colour so I coloured each section with coloured pencils to add more definition.

Rainbow Bright

80s 4

I chose Rainbow Bright for the bottom section as her shoes are just so fabulous! Plus the 80s was all about bright colours.

This piece did make it to the
Stitch & Craft show eventually as part of the Mr X Stitch Urban Cross Stitch Exhibition from 17th-20th March at Olympia 2 in London! If you're going to the show please do go check it out in real life :-)

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